Client Contact Timelines can we add subfolders

  • 22 March 2022
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So we have a clients who we are attaching applicable emails to.  However this client is installing a CRM and there is a lot of emails regarding this project.  I am trying not to flood the contact with all the CRM emails.  Is it possible to setup a tag say “CRM Info” that I can add to all the emails.  I am thinking I can do that and search by it.  I would love if I could setup up some sort of subfolder for “CRM info” so that all the correspondence goes in that “sub contact folder” .  Has anyone tried something like this?

3 replies

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@Dan Yamamoto Great question!  

We handle this by setting up a separate work item for the CRM project.  Then you would tag emails to the CRM work item.  By doing this, the contact will also by default be tagged.  But, you should be able to remove the email from the contact by clicking the X next to the contact on the side of the email.  

This should remove it from the contact timeline, but not the work timeline.

Hope this helps!


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I agree with @kylenecarse. We use work items to keep track of different projects and keep the organization timeline intact with all emails. This way there’s a good history of communication in the proper context. Work items filter out the noise, but if someone needs to see everything, they still have the option to go to the organization timeline to see the whole history.

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I think subfoloders would be great under documents for things like incorporation documents and permanent files. Make a suggestion under feature ideas. @Dan Yamamoto