clearing items from Triage

  • 20 December 2021
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Anyone else having issues with clearing items from Triage this morning, every time I go back from work to triage the items that I have cleared reappear! thanks

6 replies

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Karbon is aware of this issue and is actively working on it. 

I’m having the same issue! It’s making it difficult to know what I’ve already dealt with this morning.

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Yes, it’s frustrating for us but I expect it’s just as frustrating for the team at Karbon as well and the developers.


Perfect reason to get another cup of tea, take a deep breath and refresh later.

I wasn’t trying to suggest it’s not frustrating for Karbon as well. I only wanted to express I was having the same issue so my data could be included as they work to find a solution.

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We are having the issue too. So glad to know Karbon is already working on the problem.

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Maybe Karbon can send notification (a post in the chat maybe) to all users effected by the known issues and then also let them know when it is resolved.