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  • 22 September 2022
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How can I clear emails from Karbon but keep them in my inbox in my regular Gmail? 


Best answer by SamG 23 September 2022, 00:46

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Hi @Rachel G,
When you clear emails in Triage/Karbon, they are archived in Gmail (or Outlook).
They’re still there and will show up in the search or the All Mail label.
This is to sync your Triage and Inbox.
If you’ve started using Karbon, I’d suggest you try to use only Karbon and not go into Gmail at all (or as little as you can).
If you’d like something to stay in your Inbox, don’t clear it yet, or if you’d like to clear it but need to remember to respond to it later, add it to your My Week (see below)
I hope that helps 🙂


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If you’ve started using Karbon, I’d suggest you try to use only Karbon and not go into Gmail at all (or as little as you can).

Agreed. I made a hard switch when we started Karbon and it’s been helpful.

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Thank you. I’ll consider what you are suggesting and make a change if needed. 

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ted using Karbon, I’d suggest you try to use only Karbon and not go into Gmail at all (or as little as you can…


this would work if Karbon could effectively handle converting that email to a task.  

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The reality is the best answer I received was to not clear them from Karbon because I don’t want to remove the “Inbox” label on Gmail. This advice was not given here but I do still wonder if I can remove them from Triage without clearing them? Does anyone know if marking them as Low Priority would accomplish this goal? 


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@Rachel G marking something Low Priority will leave them in your inbox in Gmail, but it any email coming from that address in future will also go straight to Low Priority so it should be used with caution!


Is there a reason you want them kept in your Inbox in Gmail? Could you create a new label in Gmail called “Triage” or something to apply to all emails coming in. Once you’ve cleared items in Karbon, it would move out of your Gmail inbox, but it would keep the label you’ve had Gmail add so you could still find the ones with that label.


Like the others have said though, the full benefit of Karbon comes when you ONLY manage emails through Triage/Karbon. There are only three reasons I go into Gmail:

  • To set up my Out Of Office reply
  • To update my signature
  • If I’m searching for a specific email and haven’t had luck with Karbon’s search
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Thank you for the reply Rebecca. Those three points you listed are the reason I don’t want to stop my current system, which works. I don’t want to search for emails in Karbon and then go back to gmail and search there. No thanks. I would rather just search in the one location in which I already know where they are. 

I see that Low priority won’t work, given your response. No worries. Thanks for that. 

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@Rachel G to be clear, it is rare that I have to search in Gmail, and it’s almost always because I haven’t tagged an email correctly or added it to My Week to track! Or because it’s really old and I have a vague recollection of something…

Even if you choose to keep using both, I strongly suggest that you still ensure you/your team tag everything to both Work and Client/Company timelines (or multiple timelines if need be), add emails to MyWeek if you need to track/follow up, and assign them out to yourself or to colleagues as needed. Additionally, even once they’ve been “Cleared” in Karbon, they are still in the Gmail archive so still searchable for the odd times the Karbon search isn’t sufficient!