CCH Axcess Engagement

  • 7 December 2022
  • 4 replies

Does anyone use CCH Engagement and/or looking to move to the cloud version when Axcess Engagement is ready?  Thinking maybe we could share ideas / thoughts.

4 replies

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We do not use a trial balance software, but we are exploring options as a firm right now. I’m curious what other people use.

Well, cch engagement (server based) has been good, but you have to check files in and out.  supposedly with the axcess engagement (cloud version) you can just open and close files.  also, they have upgraded their TB system to create better looking financials. 


We have used Access and Server based engagemnet for a number of years. It saves time with larger TB’s and does away with bad entries when you would manually input the wrong data.

Hey, thanks for the response Craig.  We will convert to access engagement as soon as they let us.  The financials look so much better than the server version and not having the check in / check out process to go through will be nice as we have many small audit engagements.  I will be glad to let you know how it goes whenever we get there. 


I am mainly hoping the Karbon to Axcess linkage will add efficiency with to get pbc info into engagement more efficiently.