Capacity Planning for Projects that Span Multiple Months/Weeks

  • 16 September 2021
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Has anyone been able to figure out how to adequately do capacity planning when a work item starts in one week and isn’t completed until the following week?  For example, if you set up ‘Month End Close’ in a given week but the work will actually span two weeks, it will allocate the entire budget to that week which overstates your workload.

I believe this can be solved by pulling in the actual number of hours booked against a work item during a certain time period as a filter in the work screen but it doesn’t seem like that’s a possibility.  Am I missing something or is there no way to filter on the time entry dates related to work items in the work screen?

Edit: Another thing that would be helpful is to be able to see the budget allocated only to a particular person in the list view as well as the time booked against that budget by person.  Is that possible anywhere?

2 replies

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I’m just getting into the capacity planning features of Karbon, so I’m following your post.

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Ahhh, capacity planning, this is evolving I think.

When setting up a capacity planning dashboard if you choose Colleague involved and display columns by Assignee you will see the budget assigned to each person.  If you are using the time function it will also show remaining budget (we are not using time so use the budget feature for forecasting only).   Not sure if this screen shot is helpful or more confusing…. we take this info off Karbon for further analysis but I have been a squeaky wheel on how we would like this feature to evolve.