Budgeting & Capacity planning

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I have been using Karbon for a year or so primarily for the workflow aspect however we are trying to get a grip of the capacity within the team and also populate budgets for all of the work items and was wondering if anyone could share some best practises?


I have reviewed the video and guidance on the “advanced concepts” page however had issues with the approach and dont really see that working for us or atleast how we have the workflows built out…


We have a number of different people up to 3 work on any given workflow however the capacity planning Kanban looks at the total time budget and assigns that total to the current assignee of the work item even if there is a split of the time incorporated on the budget and thus does not give an accurate picture of anyone involved capacity… If we also wanted to use this to look forward atall presumably we would also need the work items to generate forward?

Short of taking a export of the bulk update budget and time then applying a PIVOT analysis how would it be possible to see time by team members? I have also seen intelligence has a workbook that does something similar however the issue with that is it requires everything to be planned in to a given week which leaves scope for things being missed.


Curious how others are dealing with in there own team as we are really struggling. 

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I have had the same issue, sorry I am not help here but, but I wanted to validate your concern. 

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I’m also curious how people handle this.

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I feel like capacity mgt resources are something we all collectively want, but we’re not totally sure how it fits into Karbon’s workflows.  Feels just out of grasp for to see what others think as well.