Better workflow from Triage to My Week

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I love Karbon...but I’m really struggling with the efficiency of having to go through Triage, assign emails to My Week, and then go through them all over again in My Week, to sort them into the different timelines (This week, next week...).

There has to be a better, more efficient way. The current workflow has me ignoring My Week completely.


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I add work from Triage vs adding the item to ‘my week’.




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Hi Ken. Thanks for your reply. That just adds it to the timeline of the work item, though. I want the email to be the task that needs to be dealt with - such as, an email I will read or respond to at a later time.

Does that make sense?

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I am working through the best way to utilize My Week as well. Here’s a thread that I’ve been referencing: To-Do vs My Week vs Work.


I’d love to see what other firms are implementing. 

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@Kristine Gray I rarely use my week or the former to do’s for myself. I just prefer using Work with ether Kanban boards or sorted lists. I do not feel a need to try and make My Week work for me when it becomes just extra work. I do use it for managing my colleague’s work though as I found that was a better application for it.

Does not answer your question. Just my thoughts regarding using what works with the least amount of pain.

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@Kristine Gray there’s a lot of us who are equally frustrated by this! Here’s a popular feature request you can vote for (and add a comment with your experience if you like!). There’s also quite a few duplicate feature requests so hopefully it will make it into the roadmap…