Best way to input client information in Karbon

  • 6 October 2022
  • 2 replies

We have the client portal set up and we have Contacts and Organizations but does anyone have any great organizational skills for how they have onboarded client information into Karbon?

2 replies

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Hi @Emily Hertberg, welcome to the Karbon community! 😀

We didn’t do a good job of this because the data in our old system wasn’t trustworthy. I’m curious to see what other people did.

We’re working on cleaning up the information now. 😀

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Welcome to the community @Emily Hertberg 

Amazing that you are working on setting best practices right away, much like @max we were not great at this in the beginning so clean up has been ongoing.

We have included Client Information set up as part of our system

  • We have assigned a task in our Onboarding Work Order to update the Details Tab, we find this helpful since it makes one team member responsible at this stage and it is usually when much of the information is readily available.
  • We also ‘onboard’ returning clients with every new engagement so this task comes up again with responsibility to make sure the information is complete and up to date.
  • And we ‘audit’ a selection of files each month with part of that audit being a review of the information in Karbon.  Someone outside of the team working on that client needs to be able to find and understand the basics relating to a client.  We score this and report it against the expectations of our Quality Objectives.

It’s a process but I have found that it is paying off.  We also mention, often, that it is everyone’s responsibility to update details as they get new information or things change.

Hope that helps,