Best practices for employee profile and access changes?

  • 12 January 2023
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Hello Karbon community!  I’m curious what your best practices when employee roles change and you need to transfer profiles to another.  How do you do this without losing data.  Some of our roles are tied to more general named emails for said department.  However sometimes this changes.  We also use aliases as well, but I’m still unsure if this is best practice for managing the firm’s Karbon instance.

3 replies

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I personally think this requires a discussion with your CSM. I see many questions in this. I think your CSM would be the best person to help with this as terminology matters and you want to get this process right. They can help decipher what your needs are and suggest a very good approach.

We have people transferring all the time from client, role, team, etc and have to manage those carefully as to ensure each piece is changed correctly and help alleviate inbox and work page overload. 


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I don’t suggest this, but we handle it one item at a time as things come up. Our staff transition from one role to another slowly over time passing off one item at a time, updating work and client profiles as they go.

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We take the same approach as @max and I understand why he doesn’t suggest it - it feels like it takes forever to be fully transferred.  On the other hand it is a great time to do any clean up that is needed.

Working with your CSM is great advice!