Best Practice for Setting Up Repeating Jobs that Contain Different Task Lists

  • 30 June 2022
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What’s ya’lls process for setting up recurring work items that contain different task lists and/or client task requests. We need to send out different requests for quarterly jobs based on the pertinent quarter. I am struggling to find a streamlined way to have the work item set up as recurring but keep the info/requests up to date for every quarter since the information, requests, and estimate payment due dates vary so much between quarters (+ we are always tweaking our templates to improve them!).

It is so cumbersome, and without the ability to drag + drop / copy from other templates we end up having to reinvent the template “wheel” every quarter and then typically resort to manually resetting each of the work items for that quarter to the updated template.

There has got to be a better way! Help! 😁

5 replies

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@Kim Clemmer 

If Q1 will be the same every time (same for the other quarters), then one option is to make Q1 repeat each year rather than quarterly. End result would be four (4) repeating work items, 1 for each quarter, which all repeat annually.

While we are not able to copy tasks from templates, (let’s get this implemented Karbon), we can either create the work item and make changes needed, and save that as a new template or duplicate the template and edit the changes needed. 

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@LD7E this is definitely the approach we feel like we are going to have to go, still not ideal since we will need to set up 4 repeating work items per customer, but probably our best bet with the limitations we have. 

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We have qtrly estimate templates that have a link to their provided Box account that will have the totals there. Auto send is set up in the template. The template is set up to send these email reminders to review the amounts each qtr automatically. Then that’s it. 

The client checks off the client task verifying they have reviewed it. We request payment confirmation to be submitted to their box account.

Added to this template is a QC section for our team to confirm all data is sent, collected and confirmed reviewed. If the client doesn’t check off their task, the team members action of checking off their own section will close the entire work and complete all tasks. 

This particular process is a curtesy type of reminder. If the client doesn’t respond, make a payment or submit documentation, then that’s on them and we clear the work each quarter.

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We have certain sections of work that are listed as (only send for Year-end) etc.

It’s a tough problem to solve because you don’t want to duplicate any improvements across four different annual work items, but it can be confusing and necessarily manual to keep all the information in one work item and only use what matters for that period.

Here are some feature ideas that may help. Go vote as you feel led. 😀

Or, if you put in a feature idea, comment the link here and I will vote for it. 😀

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@max thank you for those request links.  I voted for them!