Best Practice for Seasonal Employees

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Situation: Seasonal tax preparer(s) who return each year should retain their assigned work/tasks for the clients/work assigned after restoring the seasonal employee from Archived status.

When Archiving a User, the archived user has all of their tasks/work reassigned to another user in bulk and also would not retain their tasks/work for new annual work when it recurs in the subsequent year. My thought would be to create a Temporary User with a Dummy email which we could then assign all of the Archived Users tasks/work to. This would be a placeholder. Once the seasonal employee comes back we could then Archive the Temporary User, assigning all of the work back to the Seasonal employee.

This would be done so we are not incurring a licensing fee for the seasonal employee and we do not have to then go back into each work item to reassign tasks/work each year.

In Andi A’s Best Practice Tip she indicates as long as the Temporary User does not accept the invitation we would not be charged for the temporary user.

Does this make sense to anyone else? Does anyone else have another process for returning seasonal employees that accomplishes the same thing? And does anyone know how long a Temporary User can exist without accepting the initiation?


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This makes sense to me.  We don’t have seasonal staff but we do use temporary accounts to park work to be assigned, and it works well.  Our team goes to the work assigned to the temp account and assigns it to themselves as they start the work.

I have not seen an unaccepted invite expire, we have one that is at least 3 years old.


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That's an interesting workaround. You essentially have two user profiles set up for each seasonal employee, one billed and the other unbilled. The seasonal employee actually uses their billed profile, and the other profile never gets activated. It sounds like you swap back and forth between the two profiles by archiving in unarchiving them at the appropriate time.

I like it.

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You can have a “temporary” user long term. We do this for our work assignments that come over from Ignition. As long as you don’t confirm the user from the email you will not be charged for the placeholder user. 

However, I can see how you might run out of emails after doing this for an extended period of time as every year you have to inactivate the temporary user to get the work reassigned automatically to the user.

Do you subscribe to the support plan for Karbon? If so, you wouldn’t need to deactivate the temporary user, you can ask them to bulk edit the work that is assigned to the temporary user and change the assignee to the seasonal user.