BCC disabling functions

  • 28 April 2022
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If I am BCC’d in an email I cannot ‘plan for this week’ or add to any timelines.

Is there a way to get rid of this feature?

We often BCC other staff in emails to clients as an FYI and there may be action items in there for them and they cannot do anything with the email.

6 replies

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I’m not sure if you can disable the BCC feature - always worth asking support and putting in a feature request.


However, we have a policy in house not to send internal email, and that includes being copied in or BCC. The features on Karbon mean that the account managers can see all emails anyway, and if we want to get their attention for urgency or to keep them in the loop, we will @ mention the person or team in the comments afterwards.

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EDIT: Here’s the article that talks about why - BCC Email Privacy

I remember this now… lol. I just tested this and BCC works just like every other email.

A while ago, I sent a request to Karbon support to turn off the BCC limits and they made the change on the backend.

Does that help at all?

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Reach out to Karbon support and they can do something on their side, but they will also caution that if you turn this off, it’s off for all users, so potentially sensitive information could be seen by the entire team.  

We will @mention our team on emails that they need to have an FYI on, or assign it them if there is an action item too.  

Hope this helps some!

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Forward the email to yourself and then you can action it.

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I will reach out to Karbon support thank you.

We are not concerned about privacy as the only time we BCC is when we don’t want the client to see the BCC’d recipient on the email. Whether other staff see the email is not a concern.

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In case others come across this thread, here’s a feature request related to BCC actions: