Bank Routing and Account numbers

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For many things we do, we might need to enter a clients bank account and routing numbers in order to pay something (mostly taxes). We currently keep that data on a physical sheet in our office. Ofcourse, when someone is sick and is working from home, this becomes a problem.

I’ve seen people recommend lastpass to store passwords, but it doesn’t seem to include things outside of passwords like this. 

So, how are people handling this? Our salesperson showed us the karbon security page and said putting that information in a repeating task is actual secure. Since most logins are 2factor anyway, we have not been using Lastpass for passwords and instead just putting them in the Karbon task, but we haven’t yet moved account numbers or other things that wouldn’t have that 2factor authorization when using. 

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If you aren’t already using it, I would avoid LastPass as they have been breached recently.

1Password has the ability to store lots of different details - here’s a list of what they say you can store, and they specifically note bank account details.

I’ve used both LastPass and 1Password, and we switched our personal password manager over to 1Password a couple years back, and I find it easier to use and more reliable than LastPass.

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We keep sensitive data like that in Lastpass (they have a form for storing bank details), but due to the reason Rebecca mentioned above, I hope to switch over to a different product later this year.

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We use Practice Protect for our password storage. You can write notes in the apps that you create with detailed information such as banking information. I personally haven’t used 1password or LastPass to tell you the difference. But Practice Protect is great!

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We send a yearly questionnaire to our clients using Cognito Forms.  We have a section for them to update their payment details.  This form is then put into their tax binder and is accessible by everyone in the firm. Everyone knows to check this form for the bank details the client wishes to use.

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Another vote for Practice Protect here for managing APPs, @Ashley Rhoden I just checked out the Secured Items section - that looks very promising, I’m not sure how we missed it!