Automation of Sending Client Tasks

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I have not been able to find a way to successfully do this yet - any tips and tricks are appreciated! 

I would like to send our checklist one task section at a time so as not to overwhelm clients. Has anyone encountered how to automate sending the next section to the client once the preceding section is complete? Thank you!

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Hi @Nicole Duggins. 😀 Welcome to the community!

I do not believe it’s possible to send client requests based on completion of previous section, but that would be a great option!

If you put in a feature idea, post a link to it here and I’ll go vote for it. 😀

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Same! I’ll vote for it too :D

Could you have an automator that changes the status of the job to a specific status when a client task list is complete and then you can just check for that specific status and manually push through the next client task? Still not ideal but at least at a quick glance you could see who has completed their first client task list and get the next one out….

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We do something similar, @Kim Clemmer. We have a task that says “Send Client Request to CLIENT NAME at CLIENT EMAIL”