Assignment Screen in My Week?

  • 11 August 2023
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I have seen several references to an assignment screen in My Week.  I don’t seem to have this feature. (unless I am just missing it - highly possible)  Is this a beta testing feature?

If this allows you to see only items currently assigned to you, I will kiss a designer.  I have wanted that feature since My Week was introduced.  I have at least one task on every piece of work in our firm.  My My Week is ridiculous and hard to use since most of the items in it are not assigned to me. 


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3 replies

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@DianeK got quite a giggle with the “kiss a designer” :D

I agree with My Week. I can’t use it because its just too much, but I do wish I could!

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I still use it for emails and notes.  They are at the top of My Week so it works great for that.  I just don’t use it for work items.  I have custom dashboards for work so I always go to that screen instead.

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@DianeK I think you’re probably thinking of the Assignments module which is set to replace the current To-Do module! I believe it’s partially been rolled out so new users have it, and I think you can request your firm be switched to it (we haven’t yet)!

You could reach out to your rep or @Aliesa Jackson may be able to get you some details!