Anyone using the API?

  • 4 November 2021
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Hi All,

I’m starting to dig into the API a bit and am having some trouble getting it off the ground. I’m a beginner, but a quick learner and I feel like I’m missing a small piece.

What I want to do is refresh my work list in an Excel document so I don’t have to keep exporting reports from Karbon for my capacity planning. I think I’m missing an important step in how Karbon authenticates the connection.

Here’s what I have for my query in Excel:

And here’s the error I’m getting:

I’ve tried a couple different things with no difference. I don’t want to hard-code the API Key to the query, but I’ll try that next to see if it works.

I did notice that when you use the copy function from the website, it pre/appends spaces to the string. I removed both spaces and it still won’t authenticate.

4 replies

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@max Are you still using the API and did you figure out your issue above?  I am curious if you are able to not only update work items but also create work items using the API?  I’m working on a new pricing template, that also helps us with all onboarding steps across all app, including Karbon contact and work creations.  I am just starting to dabble in the API, but would love to figure out how to link my spreadsheet to create contacts and work in Karbon!  I can dream right?

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I did figure it out. I added all of our year-end work this year via API. I am also updating work item statuses from the API.

I plan to release my Python scripts and instructions here on the community. 

I’d be happy to help with specific issues if you are trying to get done.

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@max I will send a you a DM on this!

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@Eshah17 FYI, interesting thread on using Karbon’s API for capacity planning.