Anyone have their cloud phone intergrated to Karbon in any way?

  • 22 July 2022
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Looking for a way to get call history and text messages from a cloud phone service to a client’s timeline in Karbon .  Anyone able to do this using a particular cloud phone service with Karbon? Using Zapier?

5 replies

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Hi @Katharine, there have been some pleas asking Karbon to work with Dialpad.

The Karbon API is open and relatively easy to use for someone with a little programming background. If a cloud phone system also had an open or available API, it would be pretty easy to create a basic connection between the two.

Karbon’s Zapier integration is growing, so that will become a more viable option, but right now it wouldn’t be a good fit since it only works with adding and updating Karbon contact information.

 Twilio has a great platform and open API that could work nicely with Karbon, but I think it would take a little work to get Twilio setup as a business phone and texting platform. Some others here may have more information on using Twilio.

I don’t know if that helps at all. I’m curious what others have to say. 😀

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Trying to figure out if it is possible to integrate Karbon with Microsoft Teams Calling ?


Has anyone made any progress with integrating Dialpad?

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I haven’t heard of anyone doing it. I’d love to take it on, but I have other projects in the works right now. 😕

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If you email me ( the platform and related dev docs I can tell you wants possible with the caveat that a lot of this will be noisy and will be dependant on having clean accurate data.