Any effective tips for pausing triage?

  • 24 November 2021
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I’ve turned my triage notifications off, which is great! However, any time I use the navigation bar, it shows me an updated total of how many unread items are waiting for me in Triage. This pulls me back in to Triage when I should be focusing on work. Any tips for avoiding this? Or is there a way to stop the navigation bar Triage counter from showing?

One potential solution I’m going to try is to just close the navigation bar, and save browser bookmarks so I can navigate that way in Karbon to different modules so I don’t have to open the navigation bar back up.

4 replies

Karbon needs a snooze option. Most other project management tools, Asana comes to mind, have had this for awhile. You shouldn’t have to come up with crazy workarounds for this.

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I like your workaround idea for now - but definitely send this as a suggestion from the help and feedback section in your account.  The rising count always stressed me out too!

I would also love to have the option to select a landing page - like land on My Week instead of triage to prevent distractions.


I agree the new snooze feature doesn’t make any difference in the top right corner if we can still see our actual triage numbers


Kylene, I use three main landing pages on my browser for Karbon - please see my pic