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  • 4 March 2022
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A client sends an email which requires an action to both me and a work colleague.

I save the email into task.

I action the work required.

In comments (blue section) I write “ Email has been actioned” so that I can look quickly at all emails within  that task to see if they have been dealt with.

The problem we have is that when I write a comment because the original email included a colleague she also gets a message showing my comments.  How do I write internal comments which everyone can see but don’t have to be notified of.  My colleague is complaining that her triage is being filled up with my one line comments.

2 replies

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If you look over on the far right above Assignment and My Week, there is Notify Me.  If your colleague, toggles the “New Emails and Comments” to off, those emails will no longer pop into their Triage unless they are directly tagged in the comments.

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Hi @Leonie Addison 

We do the same thing - using the comment section to advise of the action that has been taken.

I do not believe there is a global setting to mute certain notifications but if your colleague turns off the notifications in the right side tool bar they will not be notified on any comments or new emails in that email stream.  This is done on a per email basis.



Hope that helps a little,